Monday, February 27, 2012



Easy-to-do things to make your travel earth–efficient.

Save fuel, save money, save the earth

Keep your car parked and rely on public transport to take you where you want to go.

One bus load of people takes 40 vehicles off the road during rush hour, saves 70,000 liters of petrol and avoids over 175,000 kg of emissions every year. And for short distances, just sweet those legs!

All for one and one for all

Carpool to work. Gather your friends, colleagues and assorted individuals headed in the same direction all in one car. You will not only contribute less carbon to the climate, but also face less traffic jams.

Size does matter

Small cars require less fuel and are a dream to drive. Small after all, is beautiful, or so Mother Nature will tell you. And she will be right.

Fill the right air fare

Keep the air in your tires filled to capacity. Low pressure can cause the car to use more fuel and energy. You may leave the car in the garage but keep the pressure on!

Put your planes on hold

Try and fly less often. The perfect way to give a miss to air traffic, turbulence and that something blanket of smog.

Drive right to reduce the planet’s strife!

Zoom in to the future with a hybrid car. The average hybrid car drive(r) can save 7,250 kg of CO2 and approximately Rs. 29,900 per year.

Good Car Care, Low Flight Fare


Car owners need to plant 17 trees, every year to counter the greenhouse emissions of their cars.

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