Tuesday, March 13, 2012




A seed in the hand can plant a tree or two

Flash your green thumb and plant more trees. One tree absorbs 1,000 kg of CO2 in its lifetime.
That would be more than two of your lives!

Sit on the fence
Bamboo absorbs four times more CO2 than its equivalent stand of trees and releases oxygen into the air. Cajole, coerce or convince your building management to plant a bamboo fence in your building.

Out with the plastic!

Compact and convenient it may be but reusable it most definitely is not. So get the plastic under the knife and cut it out of your life!

Recipe for a cooler earth: Can the cold cuts. Say yes to organic food

Here’s something to chew on. Frozen and packaged food takes up 10 times more energy than fresh produce. All that energy wasted when it could have been put to better use.

Buy Local. Think Global
Eat, drink and be happy with things that grow in your own backyard. Give planes a rest and avoid imported goods.

Garbs in Green

Update your wardrobe with clothes made from organic cotton and bamboo. Put your fashionable foot forward and let your friends go green… with envy! 

Serious issue over a tissue

Forget the tissue. Use the reliable old handkerchief instead. A tissue paper is a major source of waste; it takes 6,000,000 trees to make one year’s worth of tissues for the world!

Deck your desk with pots of Green

A plant on your desk acts as a natural filter, absorbing airborne pollutants and computer radiation while replenishing oxygen levels.

Have a car? Now own a tree!

Plant trees to sap car pollution. Car owners need to plant 17 trees every year to counter the greenhouse emissions of their cars.

The first blush of green. This is the way to do it!


Buying local products, instead of imported goods can save up to 4,000 kg of energy.

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